Telstra vs. Boost vs. Belong vs. ALDI Mobile coverage and others | WhistleOut

How does coverage on the Telstra network compare to ALDI Mobile, Boost, Belong, Tangerine and other Telstra network providers?

Surprisingly Telstra isn’t your only choice if you want Telstra coverage. That's because despite the vast range of carriers, there are actually only three mobile networks across Australia, Optus, Vodafone and Telstra.  Tri Band Cell Phone Booster

Telstra vs. Boost vs. Belong vs. ALDI Mobile coverage and others | WhistleOut

Smaller providers or Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) buy capacity on these networks and resell it at lower costs. Since these carriers have lower overhead costs and generally come sans perks, they can offer similar plans to those of big telco but at heavily discounted rates.

However, just because MVNOs have their mobile plans on the Telstra network doesn’t necessarily mean they’re equal. 

Before you scroll any further, here are a bunch of Telstra MVNO plans to compare.

All Telstra MVNOs run on the Telstra wholesale network with the exception of Boost Mobile. While Telstra’s full network reaches 99.6% of the population the wholesale version covers 98.8%. It might not seem like a huge difference, but it means that Telstra MVNOs may not be an option for customers in rural areas.

Here’s how the regular Telstra network and Telstra’s wholesale network compare.

Want to know how Optus and Vodafone stack up? See who out of the Big Three has the best mobile coverage in your area.

Belong is Telstra's very own MVNO, owned and operated by the parent company. Similar to Big T, Little T has just a handful of contract-free plans with small, medium, and large data allowances.

The provider's data-sharing options are a standout feature. Every Belong mobile plan comes with data banking and data gifting, allowing customers to take full advantage of their data allowance.

Here's a look at Belong vs. Telstra.

Boost Mobile is the only Telstra MVNO that has access to the full Telstra 4G network. This means that when comparing Boost and Telstra you know you'll get the same cellular service. Boost plans are often more affordable than Telstra and even have some solid long-expiry options. 

You'll need to bring your own phone if you want to join Boost, or choose from one of its range of refurbished handsets, but the provider's wide range of prepaid plans means you'll be sure to find something that suits you.

Here's a look at Boost vs. Telstra.

Much like the shopping giant itself, ALDI Mobile plans offer no-frills at a high value. With no contracts, and generous data inclusions for the price the provider offers a no-risk service. You'll also need to bring your own device as ALDI mobile doesn't sell mobile phones on a plan. Although who knows, you might be able to nab one in their infamous middle aisle.

Here's a look at ALDI Mobile vs. Telstra.

Everyday Mobile (formerly Woolworths Mobile) offers a unique offer to save a bit more money each month. The Fresh Food People's SIM-only plans come with no contract, and once a month you can save 10% off your shop (up to $50) once per month.

Here's a look at Everyday Mobile vs. Telstra.

Tangerine is another Telstra MVNO well worth a look at if you're after a value for money plan. It's got a fair range of mobile plans which include unlimited calls and text, data banking and the option to add international roaming packs if you're headed overseas. 

Here's a look at Tangerine vs. Telstra.

So now that we've seen each of these MVNOs compared against Telstra, how do they stack up against each other?

If it's reception you're after then Boost is far above the rest thanks to its unique deal with Telstra that nets it access to the full network. Belong comes ahead on data thanks to unlimited data. That's full-speed data up to your allowance before your plan is slowed to 1.5Mbps with no excess data charges. 

Although generally the more perks you get the more you can expect to pay. Here's a look at how their plans with at least 20GB of data compare:

While ALDI, Belong, Everyday, Tangerine, and Boost are the top contenders against Telstra in the MVNO category, there are plenty of other small providers offering deals on the Telstra network. Each one runs on Telstra's 5G, 4G and 3G networks. 

Here are some of the other providers with plans on the Telstra network with at least 20GB of data:

There are a lot of personal preferences and variables here that will ultimately affect your decision. Our advice is to weigh up all the features discussed above and identify which ones are dealbreakers then compare each mobile provider accordingly. 

You might pay a bit extra to access a plan with 5G, but the trade-off is worth a few extra bucks, we think. Here are the most popular 5G plans on the Telstra network.

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Telstra vs. Boost vs. Belong vs. ALDI Mobile coverage and others | WhistleOut

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