Blue Hospital Work Clothes & Scrubs For Nurses Announced By Uniforms World

Uniforms World has created a selection of new nurses' scrub sets for their shoppers in an array of new blue shades. While blue is one of the most quintessential colors for medical uniforms, the design team at Uniforms World has re-envisioned the classic hospital blue shade to bring their wearers more stylish and unique blue hues that they believe will allow nurses to feel their best at work.

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Blue Hospital Work Clothes & Scrubs For Nurses Announced By Uniforms World

As a joint article from The List and Vogue described, blue has been named the trendiest color for 2023, and Uniforms World knows that although comfort and function are still top concerns for nurses, looking and feeling good is also key to work performance.

That's why they have created their new slate of blue nurses' scrub sets. Interested shoppers can now pick their preferred scrub style in classic Royal Blue, bold Caribbean Blue, understated Navy Blue, bright Teal, the store's more blue-green Turquoise, their lilac-toned Ceil Blue, or pastel Sky Blue.

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Uniforms World's new blue scrub sets have been made in their high-quality blend of polyester, rayon and spandex which has been designed to give nurses a fit-for-purpose anti-bacterial, anti-absorbent, anti-wrinkle and anti-static fabric. This material is also lightweight and breathable, making it particularly well-suited to long nursing shifts.

All of Uniforms World's new blue nursing scrubs are sold as sets in an effort to make them affordable and each style features a stylistic touch that Uniforms World believes differentiates them from standard scrubs. For example, the online retailer's new Avant 518GTK(TM) Women's Scrub Set--which can be purchased in Ceil Blue or Sky Blue--has a magnetic collar, short drape sleeves and fitted modern skinny jogger pants.

Uniforms World currently retails their work clothes, medical uniforms and scrubs across the United States.

Kendrick Royal, the founder of Uniforms World, said, "We believe our scrubs sets meet the demands of the working professional while offering flexibility in style and choice. We don't let up in letting our customers get what they want from the clothing they choose."

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Blue Hospital Work Clothes & Scrubs For Nurses Announced By Uniforms World

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